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Training Programs - Upland, CA


With our 5-week long Emergency Medical Technician course, you'll learn to to save lives and have a satisfying career working in a hospital or ambulance. EMTs are in high demand due the ever increasing need for medical services along with the growing number of elderly people here in California, and our comprehensive training program will prepare you for a successful career. Our course covers, among other things, anatomy and physiology, prepares you on assessing and treating injuries, teaches you how to properly triage patients in a mass casualty situation during a controlled classroom scenario, and will give you the skills to remain calm and keep your composure during difficult situations. In addition, students will be provided with clinical externships, either riding on an ambulance or working in an emergency room. After completing the five-week course, you'll be qualified to work in a hospital and/or ambulance.


We also offer training to become a Certified Hemodialysis Technician. The course is nine-weeks long in the classroom with clinical externship in a dialysis clinic. As a dialysis technician, you provide care for patients with kidney failure in a dialysis clinic. For more information regarding this program, either visit the website at www.schoolofdialysis.com or call (888) 757-3929 for more details.